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With one HP ProLiant Server shipping every 11.7 seconds and more than 30 million sold, HP ProLiant Servers are the undisputed market leader. This high-level market acceptance stems in part from an ongoing commitment to provide a complete industry-standard server infrastructure that delivers through HP innovation and research.

Whether it’s a departmental server, an enterprise data center, or anything in between, HP can meet your exact needs. You can choose the right levels of performance, availability, expandability, and manageability. HP offers ProLiant Servers in four different families to meet the diverse needs of all our customers. They have the most extensive server portfolio in the industry scaling from server blades (BL), rack-optimized (DL),tower servers (ML), to extreme HyperScale (SL).

We can help you increase your margins and profitability by offering you discounted prices on HP Proliant Servers and Options.

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